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Free Cisco Advanced Video Specialization 500-701 Exam Actual Questions


Which is a feature available in Expressway version 8.9?

A. Global phone books
B. The ability to register desktop phones
C. The ability to register video endpoints
D. SRST redundancy

Correct Answer: C


Which room system can also function as a whiteboard?

A. Spark Board
B. SX10
C. SX20
D. MX800

Correct Answer: A


How many simultaneous HD calls can be supported on a Cisco Meeting Server 1000?

A. 24
B. 96
C. 108
D. 48

Correct Answer: B


What is the maximum number of Expressways that can be clustered?

A. 9
B. 2
C. 5
D. 6

Correct Answer: D


How many video endpoints can call into a CMR Cloud meeting?

A. 8
B. 10
C. 50
D. 26

Correct Answer: A


Which statement is true regarding endpoint registration authentication?

A. When a Subzone is set for “Treat as Authenticated”, the endpoint is required to have the correct authentications configured.
B. Expressways and Endpoints do not need to be synchronized with identical NTP timestamps.
C. Authentication credentials can be stored in the local database of the Expressway.
D. SIP endpoints always need authentication credentials.

Correct Answer: C


Which Cisco Meeting Server component is used for traversal?

A. TURN Server
B. Recorder
C. SIP Edge
D. Database

Correct Answer: A


Which is a Cisco Spark Service Add-ons?

A. Calling
B. Messaging
C. Room Registration
D. Meeting

Correct Answer: D


Which call processing stage standardizes destination aliases originating from both SIP and H.323 devices?

A. Conference Template
B. Find Rules
C. Transforms
D. Hunt Group

Correct Answer: C


When writing new App in Tropo, in what format should the App Scripts be saved?

A. .js
B. .json
C. .mp4
D. .xml

Correct Answer: B


What is the primary purpose of the Traversal Subzone?

A. To enable firewall traversal between public and private endpoints.
B. To provide Mobile Remote Access for endpoints outside the network.
C. To apply bandwidth restrictions on traversal calls.
D. To encrypt traversal calls to neighbored Expressways.

Correct Answer: C



Which is used in both CMR Premises and CMR Hybrid solutions?

A. Cisco CTS
B. Cisco Conductor
C. Cisco Meeting Server
D. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Correct Answer: D



Which is a configuration mode through Cisco Spark that allows Zero Touch Meetings (ZTM) and allows a user to utilize their enterprise phone as the audio or video terminal for Spark calls?

A. Call Service Connect
B. Calendar Service
C. Directory Service
D. Call Connector

Correct Answer: D


Which is an endpoint supported by Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. CMA Clients
B. Jabber Video
C. Immersive Telepresence endpoints
D. Legacy H.323 endpoints

Correct Answer: C


How is TIP defined?

A. TIP multiplexes RTP ports to reduce the number of video streams required in calls between any H.323 and SIP endpoint. Whether they are immersive endpoints or non-immersive endpoints.
B. TIP allows communication between any immersive and non-immersive endpoint.
C. TIP allows communication between any endpoint, regardless of what protocol is used
D. TIP multiplexes RTP ports to reduce the number of video streams required in cars between immersive endpoints.

Correct Answer: A

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